Alright.  You know what I do every Sunday afternoon?  As soon as my daughter goes down for her nap, I whip out all of my recipe books, slouch as hopelessly as I can on the couch next to my husband, groan loudly, and complain that I don’t know how to cook anything.  What do we even eat?

It takes me until Tiny is about 15 minutes away from waking up to finish my complaining ritual, but then the pressure is on and I somehow come up with 4-7 recipes and a corresponding grocery list for the week hoping that everything will work out okay.

Hence, this blog.  I’m going to organize my meal plans and recipes.  BOOM.

In the past, I have taken my weekly meal plans and shoved them all haphazardly into an envelope:


I’m not about to count that mess, but let’s just say there are lots.  Some are garbage, others are good.  But go me for making that many meal plans, right???

I haven’t 100% decided how this blog is going to go.  I’m definitely going to share meal plans.  I guess I’m going to share some recipes too, but I don’t like the idea of typing up every recipe I make (apparently I actually do make some variety in food) and I don’t have to because it’s a free country, bro.

So whatever, I guess I’m going to share a meal plan.  Maybe I’ll post them on Mondays.  Or maybe I won’t.  I’m a mom, get off my case.

Also, I don’t know how to blog, so I’ll probably need to complain about that for a while before I can really get the ball rolling here.


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