meal plans

This is not what I made this week.

This week was garbage for meal planning.  That is okay, I give myself grace, I DON’T CLAIM TO BE A POWER-PLANNER.

However, I’m FEELING this and I want to publish a meal plan to make the world a better place, so gosh-darnit I’m just going to share an old one!  Here we go:

Monday: Spicy Breast of Chicken

Tuesday:Japanese Dirty Rice

Wednesday: Chicken Divan

Thursday: Shepherd’s Pie (I buy the mix at World Market, it’s amazing, and I just follow the directions on the back).

Friday: Wild Rice Casserole

Saturday:  Leftovers

Sunday:  Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta

Sometimes, I plan meals for every day of the week, other times I plan for the first few days then just hope we can find a way to survive to the end.

Also, I only cook every third Friday because we rotate with two other couples for who makes dinner while we play Dungeons and Dragons (yes, ma’am).


This is what Tiny did while I cleaned her high chair after dinner tonight. Bless.


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