meal plans

Eat Like It’s Your Job


Our meal plan for this week is FANTASTIC and it’s making me giddy.  Get ready to eat like it’s your job (just like the meerkats in the above gif!).

Sunday:  Chicken Tortilla Soup

Monday: Leftovers – book club (We read The Kind Worth Killing.  It was okay, I gave it 3.5/5 stars.)

Tuesday: Balsamic Chicken Salad

Wednesday:  Salmon with brussles sprouts

Thursday: Sausage-Stuffed Mini Peppers

Friday: DnD Night – we’re not responsible for this week

Saturday: Beef Tips and Rice

Tiny has been “helping” with the grocery shopping lately. Really, she does all the work. I just follow her around and ask if we can get stuff we don’t need.

Side Note:

If it’s the first time I’ve made something on the blog, I probably don’t have pictures of it yet.  I’ll add pictures as I made them through the week, but then next time I make it, I’ll just link to the same recipe so the pictures will already be there.

Second side note:

If anyone knows why the gif is a link instead of being embedded, HMU, K?


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